Workspaces and Sub-accounts

Workspace is a separate account, which is associated with your ‘master’ account and which you can share with your clients.

You can access and manage this workspace, but in terms of storing data it is separated from the ‘master’ account and other workspaces.

Users from workspace A can't see data from workspace B.

Sub-account is a user within a specific workspace. Within this workspace, data is accessible to all its users, ensuring information sharing among them. However, this data is not shared or accessible between different workspaces.

Workspaces and sub-accounts are different. A workspace can contain one or many sub-accounts. Think of a workspace as a separate database or team. A sub-account is a user within that team.

Use cases

  • Agencies: Sub-accounts and dedicated dashboards for clients
  • Developers: User accounts for your SaaS application

Workspaces list

Workspace settings

You can control what users can and cannot see within a workspace.

Deleting a Workspace

You can delete an existing workspace and create a new one. Only active workspaces are counted.

Please note that deleting a workspace is irreversible.

How to Log In to Workspace

Login directly in the Workspaces UI
In this scenario, you won't need to manually create a new user. Just click the "Login As Me" button.

You have administrative rights in the Workspace.

When you need to return to your master account, click logout (the bottom left menu).

Login as a restricted user
To log into Workspace, you need to have at least one user in the Workspace.

  1. Go to the Workspaces list:
  2. Click on the “Login as” button for the user whose account you want to log in to.

Schedulers in Workspaces

Schedulers can be set up for each workspace without any restrictions.

You can schedule data imports by specifying the day of the week and hour.

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