Upload CSV files to Conduit via API

Using our No-code editor, you can create a virtual table that will be populated with data from your CSV files.

Steps to Send Data:

  1. Start by creating a new API integration.
  2. In this integration, define the virtual table and copy the URL provided.
  3. Depending on your scenario, add one or more parameters to this URL.
  4. Utilize this URL in your script or application to send data.

Our API supports various scenarios for working with this virtual table:

  • Inserting data for the current day

  • Inserting rows with data from a specific day in the past article

  • Inserting rows with data from multiple days in the past article

  • Updating rows article

Please note that individual rows cannot be deleted. You can only erase all rows from a given day.

26 Jun 2024 08:43 PM