Universal API for Commerce Data


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Our platform offers integrations with B2B applications and ETL pipelines, specifically designed for application developers targeting B2B SaaS applications.

Our API offers developers the following advantages:

  • Extensive Integration Library: Access to hundreds of pre-built integrations.
  • User-Friendly UI: A ready-to-use interface for managing the entire lifecycle of external connections.
  • Normalized Data Schemas: Ensures data consistency by standardizing names, types, and dimensions for similar data.
  • Data Availability Assurance: Automatically retries data requests if the initial attempt fails, ensuring continuous data access.
  • Data Accuracy Assurance: Updates historical data to reflect changes from services like Facebook, ensuring the data lake remains current.
  • API Version Management: Handles both organizational and technical challenges associated with updating code for new API versions.
  • Non-API Data Sources: Capable of working with data sources that lack an API.
  • Comprehensive Data Pipeline Solutions: Provides tools for cleaning datasets, creating new metrics and dimensions, and merging datasets.
  • Built-in IDE: Facilitates the development of new integrations and allows outsourcing to third-party developers, simplifying end-client requirements.
  • Security Standards Compliance: Adheres to industry standards for keeping secrets.
  • GDPR Support: Ensures compliance with GDPR regulations.
17 Jul 2024 10:02 PM