Track Ads from Lead Generation to Closed Deals.


sales marketing solution

Track ads from lead generation to closed deals, gaining insights from consolidated data, unlike disjointed KPIs in other analytic tools.

    • Monitor Facebook Ads: See which ads convert the most leads and track their journey to conversions in your CRM.

      • Measure Quality of Leads: Not just quantity, but quality—track how many leads convert to deals.

        • Integrate Ad Data with CRM: Combine data from ad platforms with CRM data to build accurate ROI/ROAS for your lead generation efforts.

          • Optimize Ad Spend: Identify which ads perform best, helping you allocate your budget more effectively.

          Example Use Case

          Track Facebook Ad Performance: Monitor which ads bring in the most conversions and how those leads progress through your CRM to closed deals.

          Evaluate Lead Quality: Focus on the quality of leads by tracking the entire funnel from ad clicks to final deal closure.

          23 May 2024 07:48 PM