Spreadsheet Users

Sending Raw and Cleaned Data to Spreadsheets

Your spreadsheets are constructed using raw data from business applications and databases. By connecting these data sources, you can send and update data in your spreadsheets on a schedule.
For instance, you can gather all the data for a marketing report in Conduit and then populate the relevant spreadsheet cells.

AI for Data Analysis

Connect your dashboard to AI and ask questions. The AI will analyze the data and generate answers in the form of tables or charts, which can then be inserted into spreadsheets for further analysis.
You can instruct AI to visit websites and categorize businesses into ten different buckets.
You can create an AI chatbot for your users that answers questions using data from your spreadsheets.

Extracting Data from Unstructured Sources

If you receive data as attachments in emails, such as CSV or PDF files, you can extract this data and save it into a virtual database. From there, you can build reports.


When a large report involves numerous manual steps, you can automate the process by creating a workflow that manipulates tables.
This workflow can include building blocks such as Join, Lookup, Transpose, Pivot, Add Metric, and Send to Slack.

03 Jun 2024 08:21 PM