SaaS Developers

The fastest way to implement AI Copilot and Reporting for your application

No-Code Solution

  1. Connect your database to Copilot.
  2. Create Workspaces for your users.
  3. Upload your assets to ensure the Copilot UI matches your application.
  4. Launch Copilot on your domain.

API Integration

  1. Connect your production data via API.
  2. Use user tokens within Conduit to control data access granularly.
  3. Integrate Copilot UI elements into your application via API or iframe.

Use Cases:

ETL Data Pipeline: Leverage hundreds of pre-built integrations and ETL pipelines to seamlessly connect various business applications with your application.

Embedded Reports in SaaS Applications: Integrate dashboards and LLMs into your application quickly and effortlessly.

Custom CRM: Offer your clients industry-specific reporting and a tailored transaction search engine.

AI Chatbot for your data: Integrate an AI chatbot into your website that is connected seamlessly with spreadsheets or a SQL database and answers questions of your visitors .

Niche AI Product: Create unique AI-driven products with specialized models or prompts without the need for extensive infrastructure or UI development.

Ad-Hoc Reports for Existing Reporting Solutions: Enable business users to ask ad-hoc questions about your BI system reports, saving time for both data analysts and users.

18 Jun 2024 07:19 PM