Report Closed vs Snoozed tickets

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In some cases we need to track for each agent the number of closed but not snoozed tickets and the number of snoozed tickets. Gorgias does not provide these metrics separately, which is inconvenient because different types of ticket closures impact the support team’s performance differently.

To create a report with these two metrics, follow these steps:

Processing of Raw Data

  1. Download the list of tickets.
  2. Select the necessary columns: Assignee (Agent), Closed At, Snoozed At.
  3. The "Closed At" and "Snoozed At" columns include both date and time. To aggregate data by day, create a new column that contains only the date.
  4. Identify snoozed tickets:
    Create a new column to indicate whether a ticket is snoozed based on the presence of a snoozed date.

Preparation of the Final Report

  1. Create the report: Add the "Create Report" building block and remove all columns not included in the report. Retain the columns: Assignee, Closed At Date, and Is_Snoozed.
  2. Please note that when setting a date range for a workflow, it affects the "Created At" date. However, we need to focus on the "Closed At" date. To accommodate this, set the workflow date range to at least six months. Then, to exclude unnecessary "Closed At" dates, add a Filter building block and specify the starting date for the required closing dates of the tickets.
  3. Format the report:
  • For each agent, display two columns: one for snoozed tickets and one for non-snoozed tickets.
  • Add the pivot building block, using "Is_Snoozed" to control column creation.
  1. The result can be exported to a spreadsheet. To do this, add a "Save to Google Sheet" building block.
    That's it! Your report is now ready.
30 Jun 2024 11:27 PM