Receive data from your application

If you can't find an integration with your app, there are several methods to transfer data to Conduit:

  • Webhooks (via Zapier or directly)
  • Upload CSV files via the Conduit API
  • Link CSV files through Google Spreadsheets
  • Use our Chrome Extension to get tabular data from a web page
  • Design your own integration using our no-code tool
  • Use the Conduit API to build a native integration (requires software engineers)
  • Use AWS S3
  • Use data lakes

Also, we can find a cost-efficient freelancer/agency for you to implement the integration.

Lastly, you can request a new integration from us. To do so, please specify the tables and columns you need, and feel free to include screenshots. We will estimate the time required and provide you with an ETA. Sharing a demo account with us will greatly expedite the process.

19 Jun 2024 06:41 PM