Integrate Conduit with your web page or app with Chrome extension

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If Conduit doesn't natively integrate with your application, you can use our Chrome Addon to extract tabular data from websites and applications.

The addon can automatically retrieve new data on a scheduled basis, provided that a browser is running on the computer. In Conduit, you need to create a Webhook.

Addon Installation

Enable Developer mode for extensions:

  1. Go to chrome://extensions/.

  2. At the top right, turn on Developer mode.

  3. Download the extension
    To receive the extension, contact support or download it:

You will receive an archive ( that needs to be downloaded to your computer.

Follow these steps to install the extension:

  1. Unpack the archive
  2. Open the Extension menu in Chrome.
  3. Click the "Load Unpacked" button.
  4. Specify the folder containing the addon.
  5. Pin the addon so that it is always visible in the browser UI.

Setting Up Data in Conduit

  1. Create a new WebHook in Conduit.
  2. Specify the columns that will be imported.
  3. Save
  4. Copy the URL for this webhook.

Addon Setup

  1. Open the page where the data is located.
  2. Click the "Create integration" button in the addon.
  3. Choose the table
  4. Enter the URL for the webhook.
  5. Save
  6. Click "Sync"

The data is now available for analysis in Conduit.

07 Jun 2024 08:24 PM