Generative AI for IT Infrastructure Management

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Conduit AI is a chatbot seamlessly connected to databases, business applications, and unstructured text data within various silos, catering to the needs of IT managers.
Enterprise Information is trapped in silos.

Getting basic answers to even basic information is very inefficient. It could take hours or days to traverse those different departments between networking, storage and, and compute.

Conduit creates a Chat GPT-like experience for enterprise data sources. Conduit consolidates structured and unstructured information in multiple silos.
IT managers can simply ask questions in plain English like:
Show me all the files that end user X and Y has on my file storage, and how much do they have on their block storage in a, in a S3 bucket


Conduit processes the queries, retrieving relevant data and presenting it in tables or charts.
The user can seek further clarifications, add columns, drill down, or aggregate the data—Conduit's versatility allows it to replace a data analyst effectively.

05 Jun 2024 10:08 PM