Enhancing Project Management with Copilot


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This use case shows how to use Copilot for basic tasks with project management data and CRM systems.

Source dataset overview

The dataset we use has information for agency operations, including project specifics, product details, project statuses, and start dates (launch dates).

Now, as we connect this dataset to Copilot, let's explore the use case.

Find data

Easily find projects based on their current status, launch date, or partner, enabling a quick overview of ongoing initiatives.

Let’s have the Copilot pull the projects, that are currently in progress:
Show me the projects with “In Progress” status

And here are our results:

Now, let’s pull the pending projects with the launch date scheduled for February:
Show me the in progress projects scheduled for February

Results screenshot

Basic Statistics

Copilot allows examination of how partners contribute to project success. Let’s identify, who was the most performing partner:

30 May 2024 09:35 PM