Easily manage and automate analytics, attribution, merchandising, forecasting.

Automate analytics, attribution

Every ecommerce brand faces the challenge of building performance metrics for marketing spend, again and again. Marketing experts waste a lot of time on data processing and still fail to achieve the desired level of data quality.

You need a tool to automate this process.

We created an automation tool that allows a non-technical person to get all the data that describes the true cost of each order and puts the result into the spreadsheet.

  • Every day you use a spreadsheet to figure out ROI for your orders, subscriptions, campaigns and users.
  • Data for these calculations are hidden in such platforms as Facebook Ads, Shopify, Quickbooks.
  • Conduit pulls these data and fills out the selected rows and columns in your spreadsheet.



Build P&L and forecasting models automatically.


16 Jul 2024 09:15 PM