Multiple Data sources

Connect your data sources, which might include social media advertising platforms, website analytics, or any other tools you use.

The data source can be either raw data from the application and SQL servers or processed data from Workflows and Copilot.


Select the specific metrics that interest us, such as website traffic, conversion rates, or advertising spend.


To determine whether we are experiencing growth or a decline, compare current data to that from a previous period, like last week. This comparison quickly highlights how our metrics are trending.


For deeper insights, incorporate tables into our dashboard that focus on metrics for individual campaigns, product categories, or any specific areas we wish to explore further.


Switch views between days, weeks, or months, which helps understand seasonal trends or evaluate the performance of specific campaigns over time.


Our dashboards are equipped with AI integration. This feature allows us to pose questions to the AI, and it will automatically provide answers based on the data it accesses.


You can create multiple dashboards in each workspace.


You can also share dashboards as a link.

26 Jun 2024 06:46 PM