Create a simple e-commerce dashboard for multiple clients

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In this example, we will create a dashboard that displays metrics for multiple clients simultaneously.

Create a Workflow

  1. Begin by creating a new Workflow.
  2. Add a "Pull Data" building block.
  3. Specify the data source as Facebook and select data from all connected accounts.
  4. Add a "Create Report" building block
  5. Configure it to use the previously set up "Pull Data" block.
  6. Specify that the information should be grouped by account.
  7. Indicate the required metrics for your report.
  8. Ensure the resulting dataset meets your needs.


Create a Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the dashboards screen and create a new dashboard.
  2. Click the "Add Widgets" button and choose to create a table.
  3. Select the previously created workflow as the data source.
  4. Choose the aggregated report from the workflow’s datasets.
  5. Add the table widget to the dashboard.

Your dashboard is now ready.

18 Jun 2024 04:13 AM