Correcting Calculated Metrics for Advertising Platforms


At times, you might notice discrepancies between metrics like percentages in Conduit and those displayed on the advertising platform dashboard. This article will guide you on how to achieve accurate matches for percentage-based metrics.

This issue can also affect other metrics, including:

- Cost per X (CPC, CPA), ROAS, etc.

- Quality Score


Advertising platforms provide various metrics. Some are simple counts (like the number of impressions), while others are calculated values (such as conversion rate percentages).

Occasionally, Conduit may display percentage metrics incorrectly. This occurs because Conduit imports raw data from the platform's API, which delivers these metrics with the highest level of detail.

When you generate a report in Conduit, an aggregation (average or sum) takes place. However, for percentage metrics, such aggregation is inappropriate. For instance, you cannot average the conversion rate. The correct approach is to recalculate the metric for the new aggregation level.


To resolve this issue, manually create these metrics within your workflow and use the workflow as your data source. By doing this, you avoid relying on raw API metrics and ensure full alignment with what you see on the advertising platform's dashboard.

Conduit plans to add automatic calculation for percentage metrics in future updates.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Create a workflow.

  1. Add the "Pull Data" building block.
  2. Add the "Create Report" building block.
  3. Set the desired level of detail in "Create Report"
  4. Add the "Add Metric" building blocks with the appropriate formulas.

We have prepared a template for you with calculated metrics. The template uses a demo data source, which should be replaced with your real data.

28 May 2024 10:36 PM
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