Customizable White Label Dashboards

Offer your clients a personalized dashboard for self-service inquiries (like ChatGPT) regarding their business's ROAS. This platform allows clients to integrate their e-commerce and accounting systems with marketing data for comprehensive insights.

Compiling Client Reports

Should your routine involve piecing together reports from multiple platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Shopify, Conduit streamlines this process by automating it for you.

Ad Operation Automation.

Simply instruct the AI on which dashboards to monitor, and it independently identifies any issues or errors within the operations.

Unique Attribution Models

For businesses employing attribution models not readily accommodated by advertising platforms, Conduit enables the creation of customized solutions.

Lead Generation Automation

Leverage AI to categorize and define the nature of business leads within your CRM, facilitating tailored customization.

04 Jun 2024 04:50 PM