Ad Hoc reports for Looker Studio

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In Looker, configuration of reports requires familiarity with data manipulation concepts in general and SQL specifically, which may not be ideal for business users. Successful Looker deployments were typically designed by data analysts rather than business users.

Adhoc reports

With AI, business users utilize natural language to define requirements, and AI generates the report accordingly.

For instance, you could simply state,

"Take my data.csv, display rows for clients, columns for each month, and format ROI as a percentage," 

and the AI fulfills your request.

Then, with a click of the "Add to Dashboard" button, you've created a table view on your dashboard.


Another limitation of Looker is its lack of ETL capabilities. If data source consolidation is necessary, another tool must be employed, significantly increasing the overall cost.

Our AI, on the other hand, is designed with business users in mind, requiring no SQL knowledge. Even if your organization already utilizes Looker, it remains valuable as it empowers business users to create ad hoc reports without relying on time-consuming reconfigurations of reports or extensive communication with data analysts.

03 Jun 2024 07:30 PM